Pharmacies and Drugs
Online Prescriptions

     If you decide to buy medication online, you will first need a prescription. Seeing your own doctor is the best idea but some online pharmacies offer their own doctors to write prescriptions for you. If you choose to get an online prescription, you will be asked to fill out a form online detailing your request and your medical history.

     There is some debate over whether this is a safe way for people to get their medication. Those who oppose the idea of online prescriptions say that online doctors and pharmacies don't know enough about the patient to provide adequate care, and that they don't provide the patient with the necessary information about the drugs they are ordering. Those in favour of online prescriptions say that these prescriptions are all overseen by accredited pharmacists and/or doctors and that the orders filled are for drugs with a very low incidence of side effects.

     Don't use online pharmacies that don't require a prescription. This is not a safe practice and shows that the website is not reputable.