Pharmacies and Drugs
Online Pharmacies

     Online pharmacies have become very popular in recent years. These websites provide a discreet and private way to order prescription medications that people may be embarrassed to ask for in person. These 'lifestyle' drugs include medications for sexual dysfunction or diseases, weight loss, baldness, and antidepressants. Online pharmacies cannot fill prescriptions for all drugs.

     Online pharmacies can fill prescriptions written by your own doctor or have an on-staff doctor write you one. If an on-staff doctor is your choice, you will go through an online consultation, most likely by filling out a form, to rule out drug interactions. Beware of online pharmacies that will sell you drugs without a prescription. It is very important that a doctor has considered a medication's appropriateness for you.

     In addition to reducing the embarrassment of having some prescriptions filled in person, online pharmacies can be quicker and easier to deal with than retail pharmacies. If you don't have much free time, you can order your prescriptions online at any time of your day.